Workout ADD. A.K.A.-Program hopping

Hop to program AAre you someone who gets “bored” with your workout ? No one workout can be the same ? Maybe you love taking different classes, signing up for all the fitness Groupons or the 1 free session at multiple facilities, etc.. You might be a commitment phobe. You might have workout ADD.. And you are definitely program hopping.

What is program hopping ? Hopping from one goal to another within a couple short weeks. You hear about orange theory and try it for a week, your a CrossFit athlete for a month, maybe try the new spinning class where you do push ups on a bike (not advised by people who know stuff), etc.. There usually isn’t a defined goal you are trying to accomplish. So what happens ? You don’t see a desired result in the time frame you hope (not expect) so you switch to something else and try that. That’s program hopping.

Why is program hopping bad ? If you are new to fitness you will see results just starting out, so you can program hop all you want. The stimulus is simply so new that your body is going to respond strongly to it. We call these early results “newbie gains”. Then, it all stops.  You can’t figure out why your body isn’t burning more fat, gaining more lean tissue and why the scale is now stagnant. What gives!?!?

Typically after 2 to 6 months the body adapts, this can vary from person to person, future progress takes a lot more work and time. This is where beginners start to lose focus and become de-motivated since they have hit a plateau.

I am 37 years old. Sometimes I feel my age but my maturity with fitness has never been better. I know when I need to alter my program because I see little benefit after a few weeks. It’s important to have similar awareness. Be mindful of how you feel, look, sleep and so on. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if you have workout ADD and have you been stagnant for some time. How do you combat this issue ?? I have hit a couple of bullet points below to help and also added a free program below. Enjoy.

  • Find and follow a proper program and trust its process
  • Sit down with a professional and map out a realistic goal
  • Is this really important to you? If not dont spend much time or energy on it
  • Find a great community or trainer you enjoy working out with
  • Have a fitness mentor, always asked questions and be COACHABLE
  • Do not be arrogant about your fitness, get out of your own way
  • Shift training styles every 4 to 8 weeks
  • Trust the process
  • A program done consistently is better than the perfect program done inconsistently


  • Squat (variation)
  • Push (push up or chest press)
  • Lunge (variation)
  • Pull (TRX, seated row)
  • ABS
  • Client specific
  • Client specific


  1. Anatomical adaptation             4-8 wks     2-3 sets         12-15 reps        tempo 3-0-3
  2. Hypertrophy                               6-8 wks     2-4 sets          8-12 reps         tempo 2-0-3
  3. Conditioning                               6-8wks       2-3 sets         12+ reps          tempo 2-0-2
  4. Strength                                       4-6wks      3-5 sets           3-6 reps          tempo x-0-x

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