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Health and fitness shares a common message, with religion. You can’t make it all up in one day (I came up with that).  I am not the most religious or faithful person but I understand what that means.  This is a fitness themed blog so that will be the end of my religious take, my aunt is a deacon so if you need anything you can reach out to her, I have her number.

I have been helping people move and feel better since 2002. I’ve known what I have been doing since about 2008, apologize if we met early in my career, I was still trying to figure that out. Just keepin’ it real. I have gone to school, completed certifications, helped open clubs, managed trainers, CPR class after CPR class but the experience of working with hundreds if not thousands of people is my real value, I think. Women, men, kids, people of an advanced age and myself.

The goal of Zero To FitZone is educate and hopefully engage with you, the reader. The amount of content on the internet is robust but some of that content will lead you down a rabbit hole of confusion and not provide much clarity. Lots of inspirational quotes and half naked pictures which was great when I was 20 but I have grown up, mostly. I became mature about my health and fitness and I want to help you mature in your fitness journey. This is the philosophy of Zero To FitZone, to have a healthy and mature relationship with your fitness.

Maturity with your health starts with you.. How do you get there? Information, practice and patience. I mentioned you can’t make it all up in one day, well, you can’t. Nobody became fit over night, or fat because they drank a 12 pack of Coke once. Fitness happens over time, if you can not show patience in your practice then you will lose.

If you are receiving this blog its because you have reached out to me for information one way or another. Maybe I was your trainer back in the day or I am your trainer, we might be family, became friends online, you had a free consultation and kept in contact, or something like that.

FitZone is a private training studio in Cincinnati Ohio. FitZone currently has two full time trainers (a lawyer and a fitness guy).  The side effect of having quality trainers is the professional experience the clients will have. This is a results based program, not a make it up in one day kind of a studio.

Each week there will be a new post, if you like the content you see please share with a friend. The greatest form of flattery is when you talk about us with your friends.








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